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Saturday, September 20, 2008

clothed fig day 1 and 2, Henry''s workshop and sat bum rush class drawings..

Hey ok ok so here are class 1 and 2 of clothed fig.. all drawings are 10 minutes or under ( yes it goes so fast -> 'ding ding ding' change pose!).. the woman drawings were from the first day.. VERY rusty and out of a zillion drawings only a few are ok.. day two it.. well i got more comfortable with the illustrator "way" ( not much value.. wrap arounds.. all direct drawing ALL THE TIME!).. check them out.. Gue don't crush me when you post your stuff.. or.. you know - do!

Above, the only drawing from Henry's friday workshop that I would willingly post.. NOT drawing goodly last night! Awesome to see everyone!!!!! where are the rest of you ?? these last two are from a Henry class I snuck in to draw.. that 5 minute back pose - very pleased with ! and the last one - a bit spotty but getting some form problems on the way toward being solved!


ExtraordinaryCollegeStudent said...

I really like the crease right under the butt pocket on the second cowboy.

iryss said...

Great clothed figures! And I can see you're getting faster.

... *starts feeling depressed.*

Must read BB's book and practice accordingly!

Emerson said...

hey Kevin! Will be seeing you in Henry's workshop next week :B had something to attend last friday.

Love the clothed figure man. You taking clothed fig 2 or 3?

And the last 2 figures are awesome for 5 minutes. I bow down to your quick hand.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Hey Emmerson - I skipped CF 2 - not sure if that was the Perfect idea but i need a good challenge ! the last last figure is 40 mins.. sorry if I let you down ! ;-)

when is dinner ? carmen mentioned you are in charge ? better see an invite!

Gue said...

Your Clothed figs are extrodinary, they are just what I kinda imagine them to look like, "Kevin Clothing".
Dude, I wish we had class on the same day...mine's getting depressing..no one 2 talk 2.

Gue said...

talk about "crushing", your doing better than I am on my last week of CF3. I had the worst week ever, and I don't usually have a lot of bad days...so tired.

kevin said...

Gue - don't worry - I am tired too and it showed today in CF3.. would be great if we were in the same class - our class has a few good drawers.. my homework which i thought was right at the top of the whole class ( except for one guy that NO WAY he did those heads in 10 minutes) and I got a B-/C+ - ... as Irys says: 'Meh'.. ( now must throw-down the homework gauntlet!) ( and now i know what he wants).. lots of D's and C-'s though..