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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I vote for everyone posting a Lloyd figure!!

Lloyd has a challenging and defined ( and long ) torso that I don't think I can do justice to.. yet.. Henry Y gave me shit ( bum rushed his class to draw this morning) for not turning forms enough on other drawings .. so.. ok I got woik to do!!! (my note at the bottom of the drawing says: "pay more attention to feet!" - per Chuck Pyle.. if you are drawing em - try to not leave them as flippers ... ;-) oh - and the left arm ? holding that damn pole ? well i skipped.. sue..


Emerson said...

Gasp! A Lloyd drawing and you didn't include the pole in? *tsk tsk tsk* Kevin, you should have known better. I'm disappointed in you.

Haha. kidding dude. Pretty good piece man. Has a very nice sculptural feel to it.

ExtraordinaryCollegeStudent said...

Again I like the shading. 10 minutes wow! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Re: The pole
I was WONDERING. No Lloyd pose without the pole.

Re: Henry
Gave you shit? Lies!

Re: Feet
Guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my words!

*No Lloyd pose IS COMPLETE without the pole*