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Thursday, September 18, 2008

some graphite studies for homework projects..

Head Studies - for Heads and Hands 2 class and simpler quick heads ( mos def and chief) for Clothed Figure.. I am struggling with sanguine in Heads, but am getting into a groove in Clothed Figure.. will post some work soon I think. I love graphite very much but have a long way to go to get subtle with it.. oh that top drawing is from a very low value picture of Sarkozy, and the middle two are master copies ( Tony Ryder bottom woman, unknown Russian artist top dood).. and -- all on different types of paper! ( love paper experimentation!)


paac said...

these are great kevin! keep it up!

ExtraordinaryCollegeStudent said...

I love the directions that you go with your shading. It really gives them that "sketchy but finished" look. Looking forward to your Clothed Figure Drawing scans :)