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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fight almost broke out at SomARTs today..

The two above - I am pleased with the feeling (of) - are 10 minute-ers. Below is about 15mins.. need to do some work on good paper for many hours!! and come back to key landmarks of anatomy and stop being a WIMP!

yes the world is full of crazy people.. yes I almost got popped by some feeb.. sigh..

but i did a drawing or two.5 i like .. so wtf! I feel I am in a RUT with figures.. hopefully will get past my current place.. I think I have to be less afraid of forms even in short poses.. or maybe i'm just hideously bad. ok.


Anh Lu said...

no way! these are good studies, don't let resistance tie you down. =) I'm getting a lot of volume and weight in your sketches. I love how you leave some parts open.

Resi said...

I think these are great! You really capture their forms. I LIKE the unfinished outlines - it tells me 'you know what is there; I don't need to show you everything.'

Rita Foster said...

great! I'm glad you are going to post something on toned paper, I can't wait to see it. It's going to be stupendous!

Emerson said...

like the others said, dude, these are definitely good studies. I think everyone's pretty much in a rut right now with the figures, after not practicing for so long. Anyway, I have figure painting, illustration2 and clothed figure 2 this semester. what do you have man?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

hey all thank you for kind words - critiques are welcome as well! emmo- I have Head painting I (tomutsu) - he is great!; head and Hands II with Tae Park - she is amazing too.. i may post my toned head from our 1 hour drawing tonight.. Perspective ( Joko, but I will likely drop that because of all the work I can barely handle from the above and: ) Clothed Figure 3 with chuck Pyle.. I was waved out of 2.. I hope I can HANG! when are we all doing a reunion clothed figure 1 dinner ???


Anonymous said...

Kevin -these studies are amazing!!
Glad you are exploring the artist within!!!!!!