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Saturday, January 31, 2009

first figure painting from Adv Figure and some other stuff!

This is my first figure from Advance Figure painting w/Tomutsu..about 2.5 hours; (16 x 20 on utrecht canvas limited palette: white, yellow ochre, terra rosa, tranp red oxide, burnt umber and ultra-marine blue) -- having Quick Studies the day before helped my confidence in getting skin tones down and worrying to adjust them later.. sometimes later never comes but mostly you get a shot.. next one, I hope to get more work done on the hands and feet but I kind of dig.. (at least for the commensurate hour!)

Larry Z's workshop - a new model but she held some great poses.. I had a "run-in" at the security desk ( ask me about Morons when you see me!).. so didn't get settled down enough for the first few drawings so only a few are not too wonky.. ( next two are 10 minutes each)

Saturday a.m. in Henry Yan's ... Henry actually said, "Kevin - don't draw too much like me!" i think he was just busting me for whatever.. it's great when he tells you he is seeing things at a new level from just a month ago! yes! - below of Wendy - about 12 minutes ( screw'd up the long pose.. )
below Kelli Peach from Army street tuesday night.. like this.. just the key elements.. she is a great model I think! 10mins..
First painting - only 'bout 2 hours on board 11 x 14 for clothed figure.. very nervous and tight.. did not get the headshape complete.. oh well.. portents of better things to come ?! i hope so!


Gue said...

Nice painting, Kev. Those drawings from Larry's ws are dope as well. Damn, my first time oil painting was horrible!

Gue said...

Anyways keith is a cool guy.....talks about himself a lot....okay at painting....but he's a cool guy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
I think that last painting is great! It has such an nice feeling and rhythm to it.

Majaiku said...

i love the second ten minute drawing you did! particularly the hand--i find it really attractive for some reason

Dylan said...

Great blog, beautiful figure work.

Em said...

kevin! loving the new stuff you're putting up. loving the whole looser look on your paintings and drawings.

and by the way, i couldnt join the adv. fig painting class cuz i haven't even taken intermediate fig. painting >_> and I dont think I have enough art electives to take'em.

darn it i sure hate the amount of art electives they let you take.. stupid liberal art classes....*mumble mumble whine whine*