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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a few new figures.. trying new things and maybe it's working! ( a little..)

Roughly in order of my "like" of them.. working on soft form indications, right value and just the right level of information and nothing more.. also working on a more sweeping line vs such a studied direct-drawing line I have been into for the past.. while ( i watched that video of Charles Reid the watercolor guy drawing and it kind of stuck.. like good glue on a hot day)...

below.. tied for my fave.. love that look.. fashion workshop w/om and gue.. this guy has an amazing facial structure!

below - these are kelli peach from army st tuesday nights.. like the sweep there and the indications of forms.. it's coming ! ( now only if my painting would get to the next.. deal!)

below kelli - long pose (20 mins.. and a bit of follow up work)..

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