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Friday, January 23, 2009

some doodles and quick figures..

kids are fun to figure out.. does someone have a ballpoint pen that doesn't gunk ? i want that ( in fine, black bp!).. figures: I need to work more "sweep" into my forms and more structure.. that's the next thing to work on ( besides value mgmt in planes).. i think.. yeah!


wenyu said...

love love your figure drawings! they are just beautiful.

Dawn McKelvy said...

love your doodles and quick figures.

theo said...

hey kevs!

im just back to america and i got your question on my blog.
Maybe u already got it, cause i see u got a different color in ur bg, but if not, what i do is i get the color code in photoshop. I open the little color pallete options thingy and i pick a color there and it shows me a 6 digit color web code, that you use to "order" a browser, or your blog, to show that color. let me know if that helps or not =].

peppe said...

your kids look so alive!!
it´s a pleasure to watch your work, keep it up!

krystyna81 said...

these are really fantastic. so much personality, so much energy. i love your technique.

frank gressie said...

hey kevin, great lifedrawings! how long have you been doing it? frank (from conceptart)

becronaut said...

hah thanks! yeah i'll just tell myself it was a time thing...

but hey your work looks really good and i'll keep checking back to see what's new! (oh and i forgot how it happened but you can edit/personalize stuff somehow on this thing... the internet is above me sometimes... )

bob said...
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frank gressie said...

hey kevin
i've been lifedrawing for half a year now, once a week for 2,5 hours. only 2 minutes poses. i really really want like 6 to 10 minute poses, but that comes later my teacher says. In my spare time i try to study as much to improve my skills, not going fast enough for me haha! I still have those moments when i'm looking at a blank piece of paper en just...like.. freeze or something, i hate that most of all. but enough blabla, i will get to work now, hope you do the same ;)


edit: sorry wrong account :/ deleted it

Chris Sears said...

someone recommended the Tul (there's an - over the "u") brand pens to me. make sure it's the fine ballpoint and not the gel ink ones. only one of the three office supply chains carries them, but i forget which one--office depot, office max or staples.

okay, just google searched it. look for them at OfficeMax.

they don't gunk up and are relatively cheap.

of course there's japanese stuff, but you'll probably have to find a japanese bookstore to try them out. and they're expensive and hard to stock up on.

great drawings, by the way. i can see the henry yan influence.