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Friday, January 2, 2009

Some.. sketchbook to kick off the New Year!!

back to having a *few chops with my ballpoint pen! that night at dr. sketchy's made me think i needed to get my pen out a bit more frequently.. and even though I forget to de-gunk my pilot easytouch fine (tm) .39 cent pen i still like what it can do for stuff.. pen is the shiz for working on your eye ( no erasing).. always in search of the highlight and midtone ( and the shadowline ;-))..

these are from life, tv, models and photos.. and all in the last week or so.. in my little sketchbook (good for travel).. the sopranos down below were for a proposed still life last semester in still life 1..

below - first page in new sketchbook.. always a nervous moment !


The_Geeks said...

I'm digging the sketchbook! I'm coming back soon lets get to drawing.I ready for the next hardcore training step.

Aaron Coberly said...

These are nice

Igor Lukyanov said...

I love your sketchbooks very much!