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Monday, January 19, 2009

some days it just works..

my 2nd to last drawing from the first Omari/Mark figure "workshop".. very fun, good music and donna is amazing as a model.. this is my favorite.. did I mention she had ski goggles on .. and apres ski boots ? big pad, in lap ;-)


lisagloria said...

NICE!! Excellent bottom. :-) thanks for visiting our blog! I love your life drawings.


switchboardhustler said...

this truly is excellent.
my mother is an artist and i grew up in art galleries and student art clinics. few of their sketches compare to this.

Majaiku said...

these are so beautiful, i love the shoulderblades

The_Geeks said...

Nice!! Some clean ass linges here!

Jason Juan said...

I like a lot of your drawings! Thanks for posting those

jwt53 said...

very interesting blog...excellent work.. thanks for responding to my message and again, thanks very much for your help. I looked at the pheasant tutorial on your teacher's site and it was helpful also. I fully intend to work from color photos with b&w value refs in future but that was an old photo when my wife was 2 that I said would make a nice portrait without thinking of the problems involved. Oh well. I will keep in touch with your blog and hopefully will learn enough to make a good comment. I wonder if I could ask. Do you paint only on a certain support and ground or do you use certain paint brands or have you formed any real favorites?
I have been painting on masonite with acrylic gesso but am thinking it might be better to use an oil based ground. I hear differing opinions? Thanks again, James