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Thursday, May 15, 2008

FAll Clothed Figure 1 (mini class re-union!)

A small group of excellent drawers ( well, and me) met up for a Chris Canga clothed figure 1 reunion last night at R&G lounge ( lunge ?) in Chinatown. You can tell Elisha is her usual grumpy self ( third try at photo only makes her more grumpy ;-)); Max is thinking of his Ill 1 final project (still to be completed), I'm skewing the age and non-asian status at our table, Yeben is making Yeben noises and Emerson, happy as usual feels picked on ( but I swear, mostly by Carmen and Elisha ( see next photo as Carmen (I speak da' trufe') Chow is the photog on this one!).. and Yes Carman - your portfolio is awesome but I'm partial to your figures and portraits.. i do like that giant guy with the red knee!) --- Super fun.. and yes I think I owe you guys money for the lobster ( my bad).


C.B. Canga said...

awe man. why wasn't i invited. thanks a lot:) hope you ate a lobster for me:)

this is great! brings back good memories seeing you guys together. i'm glad you guys keep in touch.

i miss this group. you guys were such a great class. great group of artist.

much success to all of you.

MAXER said...

WoW! I have forgotten this picture.
I like this group.
I envy you because your major.
but I come back fine art when I would be 40 age.