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Thursday, May 8, 2008

new still life and some ball point work..

and some things from my notebook in ballpoint.. (some Henry pen copies that are not great so I'm not sure why i'm including.. oh and something i copied from the Force book - check it out!)

OK so this one of my friend Kamela was done in mechanical pencil and 4b and 6b pencil.. so sue me!


Emerson said...

really nice sketches you have there, kevin :D

Emerson said...

awwww man :( dude.. i'm so so sorry. I tend to keep to myself at workshops, and yesterday was an exceptionally bad day since the model kept putting stuff between me and her.but then again, I have no excuse. So sorry man. By the way,a few of us from Canga's class are having a mini reunion lunch next wednesday. Carmen, Elisha, Max and Yebin. If you can make it, do come :D

Kam Martin said...

wow ! i'm semi quasi famous, and i didn't even have to take my clothes off. : ) nice work ! i love that you're finally posting some stuff on here !

Emerson said...

yo kevin, i already added you on msn, but havent received confirmation from your side yet. anyway, worse come to worse i'll sneak into your class tomorrow.