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Saturday, May 31, 2008

New sheise has come to light..

OK so like I said the other day.. I thought I'd tackle ( reasonbly quick ) oil painting study of a baby. Why ? well the subtle forms are more like body-parts than most adult faces so good practice there and.. well I think big fat brand new people are amazing .. so.. oh and he/she has this bemused expression ( got milk ?) or the dreams he/she is having are still the kind with no strife and all good things.. oh - and yes Gue and Omari - I did get to the somARts workshop this morning at 10a ( 6 bucks - great model!)..
below is about 2 hours in.. just got basic colors in place.. i'm feelin' all right about it..
below is about 4 hours in and I really like this stage.. it reminds me of a jenny saville painting ( not a good one but.. ok enough of that!)
below about 7 hours ( 2am last friday night).. tightening up forms and shapes..
and today at about 7pm.. i think i'm done.. like i know ? there is much I can keep going on but I'm calling it if not "golden".. how about pewter ? ( bad joke only my Mom will get, maybe)..


Anh Lu said...

Aww...so cute! how long did it take you? almost as cute as my Hedgehog...hehe

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

how could my fat baby be as cute as Anh's hedgehog ??? c'est impossible!!

;-) it took somewhere between 8-10 hours total..most of that time seems to be looking (vs painting).. i'm learning that helps me make better value/plain/color decisions!

wenyu said...

Serenity, Innocence, that's what I see (as a nonartist). Like the lip, the creases on the eyelids, the different stages of the piece. Always thrill to see your work!

Faithf said...

So beautiful! No wonder you are so pleased... you have captured the creamy smoothness and glow of the skin.

Kam Martin said...

look ! you had a baby !

love it ! good job...