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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mini tribute to barbara bradley..

I was knocked over to hear about the death of Barbara Bradley and her husband. I had just been blessed only two weeks earlier to attend her facial expressions workshop which was super fun.. she was hilarious and had great feedback and gave me grief and..(all with a wink..) well to watch her sweep her arm with her conte charcoal crayon to draw a leg in one motion was just .. somethin! I am sorry ( selfishly) that I won't get to learn from her - nor will any of my fellow students .. she will be missed - massively..

anyway.. I needed to take my colored pencils for a drive yesterday and since she was also a huge fan of Norman Rockwell I did a few things.. that guy is from a Sat Evening Post cover and was playing a trumpet ( i didn't get that far and wanted to do that little blond kid.. i have never really used colored pencils so forgive the mistakes.. but color in my sketchbook is cool!!

i tweaked the color balance.. not that it's helping.. MUCH!


carguin said...

Geez Kevin these look really close! Amazing! You're improving too fast slow down!! Can't imagine how much you'll grow after Jacob Collin's workshop!

Gue said...

yo, dude! yea we couldn't make it to that workshop cause we went to Sacramento that day earlier on, but when we're back that'd be a good idea! Were you there at the show Thursday night? I swore I saw you! It was kinda a disappointing show...not as fabtaculous as i though for the Illustration department....

Gonzo said...

man nice stuff. I really like you sketching style. Very strong work. Good for you man. I will keep checking in to see what you will do next. Keep it up.


The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thanks Carmen and Brandon - Brandon I checked out your site - there are some nice things there ( esp i like some of the figures you did at UVSC ( Utah ?) spelling ?).. ! Keep it up!

Les Toil said...

Great sketches Kevin! Very nice! But you said you experienced Mrs. Bradley with a sense of humor...? I took Advance Illustration from her at the SF Academy of Art in the late 80s and I don't recall humor being a part of her personality. As a matter of fact we came to her class with frozen nerves. I recall one girl was so nervous displaying her homework to Mrs. Bradley that her face broke out in frightful red bumps. She was the head of the Illustration Department and she ran it with an iron fist that could bring the most confident artist to his knees. LOL! Great to hear she became less intimidating. Thanks to Leif Ping's daily blog, I've discovered what a great illustrator she was back in the 50s. She was very modest about showing her old assignments to the class. She taught me quite a bit.