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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new stuff!

painting is first homework for head painting one ( 3 color palette : white, y.o. and burnt umber); pencil heads are for CF3 - they are all (not done the 3rd one yet) meant to be people w/open mouths.. the final figures are just recent practice from school..

The Great Henry Yan helped me with that left foot of the model on this last one.. .. I could NOT make it happen.. elegant vs clunky ;-) the one above I really kind of dig it!! here's figuring out more difficult shapes!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

clothed fig day 1 and 2, Henry''s workshop and sat bum rush class drawings..

Hey ok ok so here are class 1 and 2 of clothed fig.. all drawings are 10 minutes or under ( yes it goes so fast -> 'ding ding ding' change pose!).. the woman drawings were from the first day.. VERY rusty and out of a zillion drawings only a few are ok.. day two it.. well i got more comfortable with the illustrator "way" ( not much value.. wrap arounds.. all direct drawing ALL THE TIME!).. check them out.. Gue don't crush me when you post your stuff.. or.. you know - do!

Above, the only drawing from Henry's friday workshop that I would willingly post.. NOT drawing goodly last night! Awesome to see everyone!!!!! where are the rest of you ?? these last two are from a Henry class I snuck in to draw.. that 5 minute back pose - very pleased with ! and the last one - a bit spotty but getting some form problems on the way toward being solved!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

some graphite studies for homework projects..

Head Studies - for Heads and Hands 2 class and simpler quick heads ( mos def and chief) for Clothed Figure.. I am struggling with sanguine in Heads, but am getting into a groove in Clothed Figure.. will post some work soon I think. I love graphite very much but have a long way to go to get subtle with it.. oh that top drawing is from a very low value picture of Sarkozy, and the middle two are master copies ( Tony Ryder bottom woman, unknown Russian artist top dood).. and -- all on different types of paper! ( love paper experimentation!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I vote for everyone posting a Lloyd figure!!

Lloyd has a challenging and defined ( and long ) torso that I don't think I can do justice to.. yet.. Henry Y gave me shit ( bum rushed his class to draw this morning) for not turning forms enough on other drawings .. so.. ok I got woik to do!!! (my note at the bottom of the drawing says: "pay more attention to feet!" - per Chuck Pyle.. if you are drawing em - try to not leave them as flippers ... ;-) oh - and the left arm ? holding that damn pole ? well i skipped.. sue..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ruben Deanda's fall figure drawing 1 in Jan of 2007. I was so nervous and so excited to be embarking on this new part of my .. self.. life.. And yes - I thought I was rockin' the HOUSe with my drawing.. it got voted 3rd best in class ( this one girl.. I still see her in the hallways.. she was fantastic and dropped the class in week 2).. Ruben taught me so much.. I still hear his voice when I am drawing ( 'shapes, pit of the neck, shoulders aren't the big, it's a sphere, that's a wedge/traingle .. so many tools).. oh man look at that left ARM - it's a knuckle-dragger! and two different knees ? torso that is for a 7 footer ? hah! --- if anyone wonders whether - if you work REALLY hard can you get somewhere ? well not that I'm all that (not YET!) but .. the miles pay off!!

..and that's my first drawing of my 4th semester! Head and Hands last night.. about 1 hour - very unfinished but the model was tilting back and on the edge of falling asleep.. i tried to capture that angle and the eyelids.. not an expert w/Carb Othello sanguine 645 and white but now I want to do more! Tae Park - our teacher, is amazing!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fight almost broke out at SomARTs today..

The two above - I am pleased with the feeling (of) - are 10 minute-ers. Below is about 15mins.. need to do some work on good paper for many hours!! and come back to key landmarks of anatomy and stop being a WIMP!

yes the world is full of crazy people.. yes I almost got popped by some feeb.. sigh..

but i did a drawing or two.5 i like .. so wtf! I feel I am in a RUT with figures.. hopefully will get past my current place.. I think I have to be less afraid of forms even in short poses.. or maybe i'm just hideously bad. ok.