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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sir Anthony Teaches.. and other whatnot..

Tony Ryder teaching a portrait drawing demo at Artisan in Santa FE.  Crystal did a great job as the model.  Lots of hominids came to see!

I think Tony is using a metaphor here (above)..

For some reason all of the attending Tony Ryder School (tm) students  are not paying attention!  Toby is zoned (slightly), Mercia is wondering why I am taking a picture of everyone, Krista is wondering what that guy with the white-ish hair is doing, John is trying to control [sic] Marty and everyone else is taking judicious and copious notes!
Above my 4 hour allaprima of Cara.  I hope I will get another chance to work on this!

A recent cast drawing study..  about 40 hours.. will get better photo soon!

Dave, Dorothy in the background, Krista making egg-lets and the sun was just rising.. Taken at 7:14am on top of some Dale Ball trail in Santa Fe.  Look at those colors!  Now where is my diet pepsi ??!!!