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Saturday, January 31, 2009

first figure painting from Adv Figure and some other stuff!

This is my first figure from Advance Figure painting w/Tomutsu..about 2.5 hours; (16 x 20 on utrecht canvas limited palette: white, yellow ochre, terra rosa, tranp red oxide, burnt umber and ultra-marine blue) -- having Quick Studies the day before helped my confidence in getting skin tones down and worrying to adjust them later.. sometimes later never comes but mostly you get a shot.. next one, I hope to get more work done on the hands and feet but I kind of dig.. (at least for the commensurate hour!)

Larry Z's workshop - a new model but she held some great poses.. I had a "run-in" at the security desk ( ask me about Morons when you see me!).. so didn't get settled down enough for the first few drawings so only a few are not too wonky.. ( next two are 10 minutes each)

Saturday a.m. in Henry Yan's ... Henry actually said, "Kevin - don't draw too much like me!" i think he was just busting me for whatever.. it's great when he tells you he is seeing things at a new level from just a month ago! yes! - below of Wendy - about 12 minutes ( screw'd up the long pose.. )
below Kelli Peach from Army street tuesday night.. like this.. just the key elements.. she is a great model I think! 10mins..
First painting - only 'bout 2 hours on board 11 x 14 for clothed figure.. very nervous and tight.. did not get the headshape complete.. oh well.. portents of better things to come ?! i hope so!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

a few new figures.. trying new things and maybe it's working! ( a little..)

Roughly in order of my "like" of them.. working on soft form indications, right value and just the right level of information and nothing more.. also working on a more sweeping line vs such a studied direct-drawing line I have been into for the past.. while ( i watched that video of Charles Reid the watercolor guy drawing and it kind of stuck.. like good glue on a hot day)...

below.. tied for my fave.. love that look.. fashion workshop w/om and gue.. this guy has an amazing facial structure!

below - these are kelli peach from army st tuesday nights.. like the sweep there and the indications of forms.. it's coming ! ( now only if my painting would get to the next.. deal!)

below kelli - long pose (20 mins.. and a bit of follow up work)..

Friday, January 23, 2009

some doodles and quick figures..

kids are fun to figure out.. does someone have a ballpoint pen that doesn't gunk ? i want that ( in fine, black bp!).. figures: I need to work more "sweep" into my forms and more structure.. that's the next thing to work on ( besides value mgmt in planes).. i think.. yeah!

Monday, January 19, 2009

some days it just works..

my 2nd to last drawing from the first Omari/Mark figure "workshop".. very fun, good music and donna is amazing as a model.. this is my favorite.. did I mention she had ski goggles on .. and apres ski boots ? big pad, in lap ;-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More recent figure drawings ( last week or so)

These are in backwards order.. below - last one from today.. can any Academy students guess who that model is ??

I like this one below.. 10 minutes.. simple..
Below from Army street tuesday night workshop.. Me and Omari this week.. Alex hung in the week befo'

Below - dave 2 minute gesture I liked.. foreshortening and whatnot..
kind of like that recline.. needed a bit more time to model.. next time !

Sunday, January 4, 2009

finally got my bum back to draw the live model !!!

nothing over 20 here.. she was a fun model and alex and I were pretty happy to uncork our gear and DRAW for a few hours!

20 min below..
5 mins below

these are all 1 min warmups.. gettin' a little flow!

a 15 minute drawing from Henry Yan's final semester friday night workshop.. it's got a feeling..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some.. sketchbook to kick off the New Year!!

back to having a *few chops with my ballpoint pen! that night at dr. sketchy's made me think i needed to get my pen out a bit more frequently.. and even though I forget to de-gunk my pilot easytouch fine (tm) .39 cent pen i still like what it can do for stuff.. pen is the shiz for working on your eye ( no erasing).. always in search of the highlight and midtone ( and the shadowline ;-))..

these are from life, tv, models and photos.. and all in the last week or so.. in my little sketchbook (good for travel).. the sopranos down below were for a proposed still life last semester in still life 1..

below - first page in new sketchbook.. always a nervous moment !