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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a few from heads and hands..

new 3 hour "high-key" still life..

From Mark Elliot's still life one class last friday. We only had about 3 hours total as we had critique and an artist presentation from Kim Cogan ( google him - nice work!).. i like metal surfaced objects - they look pretty cool loose as well .. at least for a beginner!

a few figures from David Lee's workshops on Thursdays..

This was a bit over an hour ( fire drill killed attendance!) and while not perfect ( at all!) on anat - .. well you be da' judge!

just a 20 minute pose at workshop..

another quick one in David's workshop..

we had to do a self-portrait for Int Figure Drawing.. i'm not saying it's good - but it's me!

Last Week's in-class figure painting figure

If I show you what was happening in my first 11 weeks you would say "nice" too!! - Henry will still be telling me " spotty" and get the right warms and cools in the right place.. but I'm feeling I'm closer to good(ish) now in figure painting class! About 4 hours total time on Pierre..

Some pencil portraits for clothed figure drawing last semester

The following sketches were done for Chris Canga's clothed figure 1 class. I had never done pencil drawings that were attempting to get subtle forms but quickly got hooked!! most of these are 30 minutes - and hour or so (ok the stanley kubrick one was about 1.5 hours!) ;-)

Supreme Court Judge Stevens:

And Stanley Kubrick ( ca 1963 i think..)

A quick study of Ruben Deanda, my Figure Drawing 1 Professor ( and a student)

i did this as part of a gift for his retirement. I learned so much from him and am indebted to him! I will put up a link to his site whenever he gets it running ! took about 20-30 mins..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My most recent ( 2nd) still life class homework. 'Was fun to do but very time consuming!

Week Seven still life in-class painting

About 3 hours in class.. I like the metal pitcher ( that's me, the blob in the middle painting everything ( to the left of the apple ;-))
A quick pencil sketch of "M" a int., figure drawing classmate. Not as correct as I'd like but it's got a certain.. something (?) !!!@#%%$

My First Portrait in Figure Painting Class

This is my first portrait in Henry Yan's Figure Painting class. It has a ton of problems (too light on the dark side, wrong color temps in places, unfinished holes on neck/tshirt/body) -but I think the major planes are there; and it looks like Bob the model who is often fighting to keep his eyes open. About 3.5 - 4 total hours time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kevin's Art Blog!

Hello and Welcome! and please wipe your feet before you traipse around. I am a student at the academy of art in SF and although I'm still a run of the mill (-ish) freshman, I thought I would share some of my work here. Not much of this is wonderful but I'm learning and appreciate any and all comments ( well, most of them, I swear!).. read and view on!