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Monday, June 21, 2010

a few heads and things from past few my days in SoCal..

Yes his hair was bigger than his whole head ( I may have left it a bit wimpy at that!).. about 1.5 hours or so..

Above, about an hour at Glen-O's glass at CAI...

I sat in a bit in Charles Hu's gesture class and did nothing to write home about.. above - well I'll write here.. about 8 minutes each

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer shorter figures ( well they are not short peole.. ahem)

Above "Daisy" - 20 minutes at MCCLA - fun poses !

A study of a Glen drawing..

Repin School head study ..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Behind the scenes and farewell to the Anthony Ryder School..

It has been such a challenging and rewarding year at the Tony Ryder School in Santa Fe - from meeting and working with so many wonderful people to all of us getting completely sick of each other ( at least until we could throw the Frisbee!)..  I learned so much from Tony, Anna, Krista, Toby, John, Dave and Celeste - and cannot thank them enough for letting me be part of their world for almost a year.  I miss them and also other wonderful fellow students - Tina, Sarah, Dorothy, Jacob, Rose, Shelly, Alex, Anwar the Gangsta, Emile, Daralyn,  and enjoyed the friendships I have made and will treasure.   I hope I will get the chance to study with them in the future - they are all great humans and wonderful artists!

Jacob, Tony, Anwar ( the Indo-Gangsta,) David-B and Toby.. these are usually very unhappy dudes, I paid them each 10.00 to laugh/smile.  Except Anwar - who got a Shrek Happy Meal toy !

Santa FE local gang-signage thrown..  Also Big John R graced us with his manly and handsome personage!  I think this is after a beer or two ?

Thank you Rose W ( on the right) and Mark ( hub) for putting on the bar-b-que!  That's Celeste Ryder in the background, avoiding hand grenades no doubt!

Tony and a painting he did in 2008.  You can tell he LOVES having his picture taken!  I own the poster to this painting ( could not afford the painting!!)

There is hopefully never any question of Tony's mad genius!  ( this is a long still life work of his I think mostly completed in 2009.  Amazing, Stunning.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead..


Randy study from the corner after I had had enough of the long pose painting.. 6" x 8" on gesso'd masonite

Mini-Trevor - the glare is still too nutty - will re-photo when I figure it out.  5" x 7" on gesso'd ply ( thanks Sir T!)..

Thanks John for posing!  graphite on bristol paper..

Doodle of AW ( very small - sorry I didn't get your other eye done!)  Thanks for posing!! ( and John too!)

Values.. sigh..

The poster..

and silliness in digitalia..