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Sunday, June 28, 2009

a few new drawings and a painting..

a copy of a zhao ming wu painting.. about 12 x 16 and crap-ish utrecht cotton 5.99 canvas; about 3.5 hours all prima..

a 1.6 hour head study in glen orbik's class..

after n. blohkin - in graphite ( though his is an oil painting).. about 1.5 hours)..

for orph!


frank gressie said...

oohhh!! i like that edgeplay in that painting! and the figures are looking better by the update! kudos man!


MAXER said...

I like Drawings and painting!!!
and the second emotion drawing is great art work!!! keep post it up!!!

Carlyn Lim said...
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Carlyn Lim said...

Such honor and pleasure to have you in the class... i meant it whole heartedly when i say i learn so much by just looking at your work and talking to you too. I'm Carlyn btw :D

I'm gonna be stalkin' your blog! *motivation levels up

Sophie said...

Great work. Found you on WC. I am a veteran there but new members never ceaze to amaze. Love your work and very interesting cross hatching technique going on in that portrait copy.