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Friday, December 23, 2011

two new portrait studies this week from Federal 402

O. Chen and glasses from life and touch-ups when I got home to make the light more glow-y.  Note to self, others, I will look in the mirror - if others look inside themselves for where beauty truly resides.

The above - Natsu - is a work in progress. Updated ( mouth needed work!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Academy of Art Analysis of Forms Class !

I wanted to share some of the works from my Analysis of Forms class.  I had such a fantastic time with all of my students and truly enjoyed the time I spent with them this past 15 weeks.  It is such a short amount of time but I think they got some good things out of their time with me.  I know I learned so much from them.  Thank you - to all of you - Kevin W's Fall 2011 Analysis of Forms class!   Take a look at some of the amazing things my students did below.. there are so many but I selected a few to share here.  oh yeah this is all, simply charcoal on paper..  rock on with your bad selves!

Jacqueline Berrios' excellent Still life - just fantastic!

JB with her final still life..

Samira Rashidi's excellent still life - Figs, Hookah and Silver plate.

Jennifer Kim's lovely still life - great work!
Some of the fine portrait homeworks from  (clockwise from top left) Sadie Rose Schwarzmiller, Seth Massey, Jacqueline Berrios, Samira Rashidi, Megan Taylor and Jennifer Kim

My class saying "fromage"..

There's usually one student with bright colors (most often Kevin Garcia in Yellow)! but everyone
else: subdued and cool!  This was on our 2nd to last day of class.. everyone is toast but they have all developed/progressed during class.  I am slightly happy !
.. class in groups preparing critique presentations of each other's work

Kevin G, Samira and Big Jon working through critiques..

Sadie Rose S and her excellent Portrait final!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

le danseur cachés  ( mme' dottie j)

et elle repose.. avec les torsions du corps..  (mme' S)

Friday, December 2, 2011

I keep working and learning..

Benjamin - about 2 hours oil on canvas from life

Here is the first version of this back in 2009:

Tony, Alfred and Norman - the KW Basement revisited - this will be part of the 402 Collective show in Half Moon Bay, CA at the Garden Gallery - beginning December 17th.  This painting began as a quick study and I have come back to develop it while keeping the painterly feel intact..  hopefully! I will post more information about the show shortly!

A model I have not seen before - "Jeslyn" (thanks Dlihca) - from The Academy of Art University - her hair is dreads with green, red and purple!

Above - two point perspective drawings from within Grace Cathedral during my class field trips this week.  I keep them simple and look for the beauty in the shapes and the perspective..  my class did some beautiful work!