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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some new short stuff (1 min to 3 hours)

.. was in the trunk drying while I visited family.. from Tae Park's Heads and Hands class... i wish I had gotten more done on this but i think it's not horrid.. completely.. why does everyone like Turbans ???? and - oh - Tae is a great teacher..

Ok so I know all of you have great gestures and you're like ..zzzzz.. well I like this one so I'm posting.. this is like 1 min.. and .. ok moving on! I'll have some new class portraits up next week likely.. and then.. the dreaded SELF PORTRAIT FINAL!!!#$^# ;-)

Crashed Henry's int fig class on wed between my classes and drew ( terry ?) below.. 40 mins.. dig!

J. S. Sargent painting copy one night.. graphite on notebook paper..
a few of the series of workshop figures.. isabelle is below ( none of these are "blocked in" but are massed as forms of tone/color first and then fine tuned - trying to figure out ways to get more done in 2.5 hours!.. i do love these little figures though.. learning a lot ( slooowwwlly) ! this is what I get from watching all those Schmid and Silverman vids.. wait, I said that below.. wait, that's recursive.. laud.. hope y'all had some good things to give thanks for.. I am glad for many - but so much for the gift of drawing! ( and painting!)---

Mohawk guy.. not as refined but still dig..re-used canvas boards can cause issues ( when you are painting over an apple and a pot - like i did below.. not enough done but .. you be da' judge ( except carmen who can't say anything ! ( hah!))..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Neighbor and some other recent work ;-)

This is my neighbor Delores, she is an amazing woman.. I carefully lit her with studio lights on the left of the image and cool, morning light on the right.. i think I am calling this pretty done! who knows - maybe I have a shot as a painter ? about 35 hours ( with a lot of looking time in the number..).. there are always things to fix but i'm feeling good. below are the block in and about 15-20 hours in and a value study i did in graphite .. the painting is a much more careful rendering of her likeness in proportion, value, color, shapes.. whatnot....

some 2 min gestures from sat. working on my Carl Gnassian "" way but LONG way to go..

below from Henry's friday night workshop.. not pleased w/my drawing lately.. ugh
somehow that foreshortened foot won the battle and is the size of a small, offshore watercraft ( or my size 14 foots..)below Sir Norman Rockwell master copies - in graphite from charcoal sketches ;-)

a polish mother and son from some photog book I found.. graphite..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

workshop and class paintings..

This figure is a 2.5 hour workshop painting.. experimenting with color and temp.. and everything.. ( they are like "sprints" these little workshop paintings!) can't wait to see what REAL sprints are like in quick studies w/Tomutsu next semester. Apropos of nothing (here), was reading about a presentation where Nelson Shanks said, roughly, that brush strokes are like a type face .. and are not the end but the means ( you don't see a lot of brush in his work).. um.. what to make of it at this point in my beginning.. i not sure!

Head painting class this last week - Eliza - in very bright light from high up.. i might work on this some more - she is a great model and it's no where near where i'd like it but .. um..

below another 2.5 hour quick oil sketch.. very plane-y.. but i liked how the model was standing..