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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick paint sketches from AAU in February - all from the live model

Mia - about 3 hours and a bit.. 11 x 14 I think.. crappy 2.99 canvas panel; scarf: priceless!

Above: head wrap guy ( Terry ?) over about 7 -8 hours on 16 x 20 crappy utrech canvas..  Below is day one and two of this for those of you who are sleepy!

And a few head studies (and a figure at the bottom) via Glen O's clothed figure class and some from a workshop - all about 20 minutes or less ..

Head studies - about 20-30 minutes each and then some time following to unify.. 

20 Minute Head studies above and below 20 left and 10 right..

5 minute clothed figure gestures..

2 -3 hours form life - very unfinished but I liked it enough to share. On birch ply panel.  Oils.

More to come - thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Troubled Girl" - Title provided by the model: Caitlin

"Troubled Girl" - Caitlin as of today 2 5 11.  Still work to do ..

"Troubled Girl" in monochrome to review values

 Before form-painting, I do a color wash or ebouche, for this type of linen, the ebouche gives the form-painting layer somewhere to stick to..  tried to keep the shadows light and transparent (Camie) - probably too late but it was not hard to pull them down slightly as I went!

Caitlin ink-in using a turp-wash of yellow-ochre and kings blue light.  Doing the ink-in with the model there helped me improve the drawing and get it more like her and less androgynous.

 First is the Graphite drawing to prep for the painting.  About 8 hours - 12 hours I think.

And the poster study below.. on Canva Paper -  that was one day's pose I think..

Below the setup at my "home studio"..  some day I will have somewhere to paint!  but the music is good!

More to come!