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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Summer workshop travels with Travis Schlaht, Ted Minoff and Robert Liberace ( my heroes!).

3-4 hour heads done via the TnT workshop @ Grand Central Academy in NYC - August 2013

The above paintings were done with Travis and Ted via their Portrait Sketch workshop this past august at Grand Central Academy in New York City.   I was a bit under the weather ( no sleep) so while the results are OK - I continued to take on-board useful learning from Ted and TRavis!

I assisted Robert Liberace this past August at his figure workshop in Vancouver.  A great group of students showed up and Rob was his usual, awesome self ( teacher, painter, guy)!  I got to paint a bit too!  (Thanks Rob!)
My Second Figure of our excellent Model.  Rob's key input for me was about ( and has been!) the variability of my line ( contour and terminator shapes) and to "tickle the brush" across these areas..  To let it dance a bit more - and it was super useful input ( hopefully exemplified in these practice efforts!).
Final day figure..

Day one demo for my new Intermediate figure students at the Academy of Art!  Let the learning begin!  ( about 30 minutes over a few poses)..