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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost finished my 9 months with Tony Ryder and crew!

My final painting that is still in-process at Tony Ryder's school.. Mostly fine tuning now and will update.  On linen..  Model: Randy via "natural" fluorescent light source.  about 4.5 weeks at 2.5-3 hours per day..  10" x 12" on Artfix Linen. This is a close-up.  I think I can say Tony was pleased!


A senior student who was nice enough to sit for me.. about 2 hours..

Crystal quick head study ( little bump on left nostril is her nostril/nose ring.. not really rendered.. )

The above would be the imprint of my palette after it flipped out of my hand ( trying to scare M.T.H.), down the stairs and landed ( gravity is a B!) upside down on the floor.  Right after I had flipped and prepped all my paints for the morning.   Story of my life.. dog hair in and gravel in my fancy paints to start the day!!  Thanks Big John R for the quick photos!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Soriba - about 20 some hours

Soriba on an 8 x 10 gesso panel that I re-gessoed with an additional 3 layers and sanded to lose some of the tooth.  This was done more in an alla-prima manner than typical at ARS.  Really enjoyed this painting and am happy with the results!

Here is on the first day of block in the shadows (and some dark light) after transferring a quick drawing to my panel.

One afternoon drawing of Cara - about 2 hours on Canson recycled Bristol ( vellum)..  I was enjoying the lights and shadow shapes though I did not get her as young and carefree as she really is..

Quick drawing of Randy - our final long-pose painting model..  ( painting in-progress!!!)..  about an hour and a little..

A quick 10 min gesture of Cara that I really liked!  Newsprint 18 x 24" and Conte Pierre Noire crayon ( pencil)