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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cara July 2012 10 x 12" Oil on Linen Panel

I still need one additional run to complete and refine this painting (which will not happen) - this is my painting from the Anthony Ryder portrait painting workshop.   Enjoyed it immensely but took a bit to get back in the swing of things.  Feather in hair.

Tony Ryder's palette - in action!  (thicker paints for Poster Study).

Tony Demo'ing the proper way to stretch a canvas!

John Reger, Lucia and Che - had great fun with the whole crew at the workshop - thanks for putting up with nutty hominids!

Lucia posing - Kevin = drawing. Graphite in sketchbook.

Alla Prima of Colleen - back in SF on Tuesday.. about 2 hours on "Yes"..  11 x 13"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

April  1 16 x 20 inches Oil on Canvas 

"April No. 4" 16 x 20 inches, Oil on Canvas

Some workshop efforts..

Both of these paintings were done at the Robert Liberace workshop at the Southern Atelier in Rainy Sarasota Florida.  The first one was probably a 2 hour sketch with just Burnt Sienna, a Bit of Burnt Umber and white.   I really loved the poses she took ( and Rob set) !  A lovely model and a great workshop with Rob!   The Second painting was on the last day and I really only got it started ( full color using ( or trying to employ) Rob's skin tone color space.  Probably 3 hours or a bit more I am not sure.   I got some great insights as usual and wish I had spent the rest of that day and the following working on this  - but I had to jump on a plane.

If you are even thinking of taking one of his workshops, I can only say: "GO!"  (NOW!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Flea Market 1" 10 x 12 Inches Oil on Linen

My study did not get finished but I no longer have the setup - this was done at Tony Curanaj's Still Life painting workshop at the Grand Central Academy last week.  I should have more to show for about 40 hours but I am slow and clumsy!  I missed a day due to flights and weather and poor planning on my part but the workshop was excellent and Tony is a fantastic teacher.

My setup and painting at an earlier stage..

The process from a graphite drawing, to an oil transfer to canvas and then first layers of paint..