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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recent works at the studio of Travis Schaht in Winter Tribeca, NYC

Kathleen - oil on linen from life over about 5-6 hours I think.  About 10 x 12"
And a progression from umber block-in to finish.. I moved that ear!  

John Oil on ARches Cold Press paper for oil paint..   Shoulda' toned it as those first paints are a doozy (for me) on bright white!  Great model to draw/paint!  From life - all of these are in Natural winter NYC light!
Danny, from life - about 3-4 hours on RSG treated Daler-Rowney grey paper ( Danny's invention- thank you for the gift of the paper!)..  From life..

There is one more to post but I will need it to dry a bit as it's a bit shiny.. Thank you much much to Travis Schlaht for allowing me to paint with him and learn from him.. A great guy, fantastic artist and teacher and also, (I am told) has a mean hook shot from above the key!.

Travis explains the finer points of the pick-and-roll to Kathleen, our 2 session model !

A self portrait quicky on canson canvas pad .. about 2 hours..