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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The lady of the lake.. or girl of the.. ok: I made this..

Above done in Painter and Art Rage.. Very unfinished with "canvas" showing through but I'm at a place where I like it.. So = stop.

The final for a demo on getting likeness from careful basic shape development:

And the only drawing that gets to "survive" from my first time figure drawing quickly in over two months!  Sorry to the great model Jenny that this is quite the short haul..

The below is a study I did while in Maui..  "the Kiss"

In Graphite via sketchbook..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something unfinished that I hope .. to..

Victoria - our night pose at the Guild..  lots to do still..

Graphite and white chalk on toned, speckled paper..

Below a quick alla prima of my portrait partner for the swap at WC:  8 x 10" on linen

Sheila Work in progress at the Guild..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

some quick things while being lazy..

a few quick drawings from life in SF.. "Jenny" left 10 mins and "Kelly" right 10 mins or 20..


and, "Kelly" ( not sure why I kept doing quotes but I'm in deep now..)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Walkabout Brooklyn..

Hopefully soon I will have some work to show but here are a few images from my walks to school and back..

Above - Gowanus Canal at about 5:45pm - little man on scooter..

Beautiful sky from Union and Bond streets on the edge of Caroll Gardens looking up toward Park Slope
Park Slope building on 7th and Berkeley (?).. the wind was flapping that edge up and down.. I waited but it wouldn't go up again..

Frozen Yogurt store I think..  on 7th in P.S.

Last few moments of sun at the Guild Atelier today..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some new gestures and a mini-cast drawing..

most all figures from life except the "fake" charcoal ( done in painter X)..  all between 1 and 20 minutes except for the digital work and the cast drawing.. more like 15 hours for that..

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Camie Davis workshop painting

As ever at workshops, there is much not completed in this painting but the workshop was excellent and Camie, if I can sing her praises, is a passionate, kind ( yet stern at the right moments!) teacher.  If you combine that with her astonishing skills as an artist - well, you got a great experience!  Thank you for all of your teaching Camie, I learned so much and this painting would be landfill w/o your help!

"Victoria" Oil 14" x 14"on Raphael 3x oil primed Belgian linen

Poster study on "Yes" canvas about 4" x 6"
Ink in with a bit of background

Rather, um, hulking painter over tiny painting and even tiny-er model ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some recent gestures and figure studies from life - Lauren, Signe and E

Most of these are 1-5 minutes with one on here ( the two with a bit more detail and value are 20's)..  Charcoal pencil and Wolff's carbon on smooth newsprint.  Keep it real yo'.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

At Play in the fields of Masters.. A Few Days with Rob LIberace in Vermont.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Robert Liberace class/workshop/pancake's house conversation - I recommend you RUN (do not walk) to get thee to it!  Great learning and much fun!..Above, "Bob" on "Yes" canvas ( at Jerry's) about 8 x 10 or so and about 2.5 hours or less everything in this post from live models.

"Spoon" similar proportions and dimensions as Bob,  oh - and all oil paints here..

"Spoon" block-in in umber and a bit of ultramarine..

"Monica's BF" as I forgot this nice fellow's name..

Monica in grisaille..

Umber 20-30 min sketch or so..

Another speedy umber sketch ( for warming up).. both of these were wiped to make way for Monica..

Here ( below) is Rob L at work on a demo.. great to watch him work - confident, engaged and encyclopedic (reminds me of things I think about Tony R as well!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

a few heads and things from past few my days in SoCal..

Yes his hair was bigger than his whole head ( I may have left it a bit wimpy at that!).. about 1.5 hours or so..

Above, about an hour at Glen-O's glass at CAI...

I sat in a bit in Charles Hu's gesture class and did nothing to write home about.. above - well I'll write here.. about 8 minutes each

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer shorter figures ( well they are not short peole.. ahem)

Above "Daisy" - 20 minutes at MCCLA - fun poses !

A study of a Glen drawing..

Repin School head study ..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Behind the scenes and farewell to the Anthony Ryder School..

It has been such a challenging and rewarding year at the Tony Ryder School in Santa Fe - from meeting and working with so many wonderful people to all of us getting completely sick of each other ( at least until we could throw the Frisbee!)..  I learned so much from Tony, Anna, Krista, Toby, John, Dave and Celeste - and cannot thank them enough for letting me be part of their world for almost a year.  I miss them and also other wonderful fellow students - Tina, Sarah, Dorothy, Jacob, Rose, Shelly, Alex, Anwar the Gangsta, Emile, Daralyn,  and enjoyed the friendships I have made and will treasure.   I hope I will get the chance to study with them in the future - they are all great humans and wonderful artists!

Jacob, Tony, Anwar ( the Indo-Gangsta,) David-B and Toby.. these are usually very unhappy dudes, I paid them each 10.00 to laugh/smile.  Except Anwar - who got a Shrek Happy Meal toy !

Santa FE local gang-signage thrown..  Also Big John R graced us with his manly and handsome personage!  I think this is after a beer or two ?

Thank you Rose W ( on the right) and Mark ( hub) for putting on the bar-b-que!  That's Celeste Ryder in the background, avoiding hand grenades no doubt!

Tony and a painting he did in 2008.  You can tell he LOVES having his picture taken!  I own the poster to this painting ( could not afford the painting!!)

There is hopefully never any question of Tony's mad genius!  ( this is a long still life work of his I think mostly completed in 2009.  Amazing, Stunning.