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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few new drawings from life at Tony Ryder School

Above is at about 1 week's progress on Adam - this is my most recent figure in graphite - I am pleased with this work - have another week to go on him - we'll see where it gets .. (hand just roughed in on Friday)

Above is a one week pose of Joaquin - this drawing was a bit of a break-through in some of the methods at the Tony Ryder School for me .. improved upon in the drawing of Adam above!  Great help in these last two months from Tony and Anna and a great speedy pep talk from Colt helped me over a hurdle.. still all kinds of things unresolved here so .. you know - unfinished!

Above a quick 2.5 hour drawing of Adam on toned paper and white chalk..
Above about 1.5 hours of Abby a fellow student who posed on thursday night (student volunteer posing)..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a few new drawings and paintings..

I got to paint with Tomutsu's class on Monday - super fun - we watched Burt Silverman's "My Friend Wes" demo first ( and if that's not enough to screw you up) we only had about 3.5 hours to paint..  on gesso-board  10 x 12".. never paintined on gesso board - very smooth but with a light tooth..   I think Tomutsu was pleased !

Above a very short allaprima painting from Henry's this summer ;  the original painting ( you can see remants upside down of the figure) just crashed so I flipped it over and restarted..  warm and cool play of light was fun..about 1.5 hours

above Veronique - a great model - 20 minutes at MCCLA on friday night

back pose in repose ?  20 minutes Veronique..

below Army street 10 minus..

below Army street 20 mins..

below army street 1 minute /2 min gestures..


3 hours and a bit of Boni on Canva-paper at Tony Ryder school.. tentative..

about 6 hours - not a great photo but i like this one!  of Alina at TRS.. allaprima also on canvapaper..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hare are a few new things from my time at Tony Ryder's school.  I am loving what I am learning about how to draw what I am seeing.. convexity, shadow behavior, light and shaping my strokes ( this is all not easy!)..

my toned drawings are less easy to photograph.. will work on that.. below Maribou about 2 plus hours on tuesday..

Eli - great model - about 6 hours I think..

above another figure from this week.. an allaprima painting of Sarah P on mylar ( first time trying it) - about 3 hours and a 1.5 hour graphite gesture of Sarah P..

Friday, September 11, 2009

some posters and whatnot from Tony Ryder's school first two weeks..

A few posters - I think that's Maribu on the left.. with Anna W - designed blue gel light at lower left ( on the natural light side of studio).. poster on right with warm light on lower left..

John as model in natural light ... John as cowboy with doubled orange gel on light at lower left ( and blue light on right side).. ( and natural light from above ! phew!)

An assignment - just a first draft for Rob Liberace's online class..

 a drawing i am doing for a Rob Liberace online class I signed up for.. ( 3 color chalk drawing..)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

a few new heads and figures..

top two are about 1.5 hours from Glen's class.. (in the method of Frank Reilly!) - the rest are 20 mins - 1 min gestures from SF figure drawing sessions.. I wish these people had some LIGHT!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

some new figure studies in charcoal and oil paint(s)

Kristin from HY's figure class where I interlope.. About 3.5 hours on canva-paper 12 x 16"

Matt on canva-paper as well 3 hours 12 x 16..

above a detail of Angela.. though I detoured from her likeness a bit to design shapes more. .. she is a fantastic model! ( whole figure below.. about1.5 hours)..

above - Bonnie from SOMArts 7 25 09 about 10 minutes..
some 2 minute gestures of Bonnie..