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Monday, January 27, 2014

Some recent oil paintings - all from life - all Alla Prima - @ Academy of Art University and with Robert Liberace 2014

The paintings that follow I completed ( -ish) while assisting Robert Liberace @ his Portrait Painting workshop in the Woodlands TX via the Woodlands Art League.  A great group of painters there and super nice as well ( great Bar-b-Que !).  Thank you Rob for the opportunity to attend!

"Sarose" - 10 x 10" - about 3 hours - done from life - Sunday @ AAU.
Oil on Yes Canvas - about 3 hours - via Robert Liberace workshop @ the Woodlands WAL - TX
Limited palette of Burnt Umber, White, Burnt Sienna and Black.

Same as above but on Linen panel..
Same as above but on Yes Canvas..
Oil on Panel @ Palo Alto Art Center in 20 hours on my Open Box M !  ( 8 x 10" gessoboard)

Monday, January 6, 2014

A few things in the hopper.. Mostly practice stuff and demos from school..

Figure studies in charcoal on neswsprint..

Same as above - different times for each drawing - nothing more than about 20 minutes..

A 1 day cast demo for my Masters Drawing class students #Academy of Art

Study of one of the V sisters #Robert Liberace Workshop.  Oil on Yes.

Grayson W age 14 - acrylics on Canva-paper. About 12 x 17
I plan to be posting some new project work in the coming weeks and months - more about what I hope to accomplish vs simply: practice work.  I hope you'll take a look when I do!

Happy New Year! 200,000 Page Views!