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Thursday, October 30, 2008

new clothed figures and a figure and costume carnival..

Costume Carnival(e) was fun.. didn't get much drawing done but here are some 5 minute-ers I liked.. experimenting w/rough newsprint.. below a 20 min fig from friday workshop.. meh..

So I was feeling like ( 'no more ILL classes!' recently) but we pulled out the toned paper yesterday and I had a little fun. Our model was new at least to us, and had NEVER worn a dress before.. she went from a self-aware city girl to a young woman with a story.. reserved for herself only maybe.. anyway, these are all short for toned - 10-20 minutes.. so very simple not tonnes of form but.. me like. some. And yes, I'm a sucker for the head when the model is looking away and all you get is a hint of eye shape, a hint of nose and mouth ( and cheekbone).. also, it takes about 20 seconds to draw so I can be on to other things and done with my head obsession for that pose! Seacrest: OUT!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm in a ... plateau.. need to level UP!

I wanted to try rough newsprint for massing shapes /planes at henry's workshop friday but my old rough pad was full.. in a rut.. all around - except for painting is moving forward.. below some quick things from henry's and from my clothed figure class.. the one with the guy and gun that is up-lit, that was a pose I "art directed".. ( 'lie back w/your mouth agog like this' - what is going on with my mind ? don't answer that!)..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hopefully Omari will still talk to me ..

about 22 hours into my 2nd homework project in head painting. to take it to a super-refined level I think I would need another 10-20 hours that I don't have ( due tomorrow).. the glare is from wet paint.. and it's a bit "wide-angled" by my camera so not exact but close enuf! here is the block in below the final.. i'll post some school stuff that's in my locker soon! well.. I like it! ;-)
Lisa who modeled at Mark E's workshop - this is about 2.5 hours and on a 9 x 12 board.. i want to get to where I can lay down the key planes faster with a nice feel ( a la Liberace!).. pleased with this but it's.. as Irys says.. only "meh" ;-) Below - a few head portraits from Head Painting one class.. they don't all go up on the blog for a reason!