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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Head studies from Travis Schlaht and Ted Minoff (and) Colleen Barry workshops

I had a great experience with Travis, Ted and Colleen B!  Each of them is an excellent artist and a confident and inspiring teacher as well.  A great two weeks in NYC at GCA!  Thank you to all of the teachers and I have lots to continue working on ( mostly, as ever - the drawing and values!).  All of these heads are about 6-7" in size and I painted on linen panels and prepared gesso boards.  Most heads were about 4 hours total time give or take I think.  Oil paints and a few graphite studies of Connor D at the bottom.

Isabel on linen panel

 Anna Nina on Gesso Board

I will get her name - first model for Colleen Barry's workshop - very distinctive young woman!

Katie W, our monitor and an excellent artist, subbed for the model ( this was a short painting 1/2 day so about 2+ hours as was Anna Nina above - both on the same day) who misplaced the date!

Gabriel - first model day for Colleen's workhops ( week two)

Ernesto - Day two or one Colleen's workshop (now I am confused!)

 Steampunk man - one of two paintings that did not survive my wipe-out cloth.. oh well.. it was almost there.. but not!

Some quick graphite head drawings from the first day of TnT before painting began on Tuesday.  This is Maria ( I am intimidated! and Connor our monitor for week two ( who sat in the first week to draw and paint and model!)