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Saturday, November 19, 2011

In the midst of a tableau.. perhaps a plateau even - I keep on thinking..

It has been too long for me to post but I have not been feeling the work of late .. and then things click a little.. all from life except the worker guys ..    It's great to see ( by the way) that so many of the folks who view my blog are - after the USA - from Russia and the United Kingdom! (then, in order, Canada, India, France, Brazil, Germany, Spain) - so for now - : До свидания - (Dasvidaniya) - Thank you for visiting!!

Laney, who is beautiful but quite challenging for some reason.. so happy with this simple, 2 hour study from life..

S - about 2 hours a few weeks' back now..  on not very good "Beverly's" $ 1.49 canvas..

Richard quick graphite study from life.  about one hour and then worked from the thumbnail later ( see below).. via sketchbook..

Thumbnail ( ok a more fancy thumbnail)....

Really enjoyed drawing Quetzal - although she is about 4'10" she had this defiant feeling that I really wanted to capture..  like "I am the queen here - got it ! -- something like that..

Thumbnail of dottie that I liked better than the drawing!

working bigger ( 30" x 40" from life is a new struggle/challenge).. not there yet!

These guys re-built my street a few months ago..  so I did this quick sketchof them in oil piants..