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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paper Flowers - a small series ..

I wanted to tackle painting some common objects to see if I could make some thoughtful, dare-I-say -beautiful paintings based on that notion.  I am not sure these smaller works have gotten me where I want to go but I have learned a bit about painting paper and wrinkled paper!
10 x12" each on Yes canvas with oil paints.  These are intended for the Academy of Art Faculty and Alumni Auction in the fall.   Way down at the bottom is a crazy watercolor from a few months ago..(not intended for anything!)..

"He Seen better days!" Target paper bag - part of Paper Flowers series.  Wrinkled, torn and then filled with wire and foam so ti wouldn't move ( collapse) .. much.. (sold)

The first "Paper Flower" study - simple but painterly which has its own challenges!(sold)
"Paper Flower 2" - came together relatively easily.   Less bombast than the first bag and nice subtle changes.. (sold)
Watercolor and gouache on paper.