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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer shorter figures ( well they are not short peole.. ahem)

Above "Daisy" - 20 minutes at MCCLA - fun poses !

A study of a Glen drawing..

Repin School head study ..


Mark W said...

Beautiful work, Kevin. Those creases, folds and shadows punch.

Thanks for the tips at SoMarts today. I'm in learning mode and I do appreciate the advice. Let me know if you hear about a new Hope workshop, too. Cheers.

Carmen Chow said...

Kevin!!! You are insane!!!!ly good!

Missed you at Spring Show (yes I went!) Where are you these days?

Helen Ström said...

Lovely work you have there!
Love the light in your drawings.

Mercia said...

Beautiful studies Kevin!

Sandra Heading said...

I really love , I mean really LoVE the drawings on this page!!!! ....I look at these and I something very special from within u a light from within ...