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Sunday, July 4, 2010

At Play in the fields of Masters.. A Few Days with Rob LIberace in Vermont.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Robert Liberace class/workshop/pancake's house conversation - I recommend you RUN (do not walk) to get thee to it!  Great learning and much fun!..Above, "Bob" on "Yes" canvas ( at Jerry's) about 8 x 10 or so and about 2.5 hours or less everything in this post from live models.

"Spoon" similar proportions and dimensions as Bob,  oh - and all oil paints here..

"Spoon" block-in in umber and a bit of ultramarine..

"Monica's BF" as I forgot this nice fellow's name..

Monica in grisaille..

Umber 20-30 min sketch or so..

Another speedy umber sketch ( for warming up).. both of these were wiped to make way for Monica..

Here ( below) is Rob L at work on a demo.. great to watch him work - confident, engaged and encyclopedic (reminds me of things I think about Tony R as well!)


Candace X. Moore said...

Nice paintings and draftsmanship, Kevin. They read well in thumbnail.

Helen Ström said...

These are great paintings! Makes me feel like working harder and more myself! How long have you been drawing and painting?... just read your profile and it doesn't seem you have been doing this for very long but you have a great talent to explore. Amazing start in that case. Very inspiring. : )

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thanks for your note Candace. some great work on your blog - Watts is treating you well for sure.

Helen - thank you! I have been full time ( pretty much) studying drawing and painting since spring 2007 so a bit over three years. Painting a bit over 2 now. I loved the watercolors on your site - great stuff!

anwar said...

matie. Mercia, Toby and I were talking about you on the way back from tesque to santa fe. Maggie hosted a dinner and some fireworks.

anywhooo. skotia had a jacob collins, a graydon parrish and a daniel sprick.
Evoke had some liberace sketches and a steven assael.

wish you could have been there, we are all missing you. also hope to post some drawings and paintings up this coming week, been keeping busy, i see you are too.

frankly i'm really impressed with your most recent works. To be honest, i hate how you can do them, in 2.5hours; you make me sick.
noice highlights, and colour transitions, very painterly. it really feels like a highlight on top of the form. have you been reading not light for the non artist?

he's obviously taught you nothing.


Maxnix said...

Kevin, Your work is so lovely. I am a model and have recently sat for Jacob Collins, of whose work yours reminds me. I draw a little and your recommendation of Rob Liberace is sooo intriguing. When I am able to carve the time needed to pursue it, I will definitely make it a point to take a class or workshop with him. I live in Rockland county, NY. I would love to be one of your subjects, if you are ever in this area.
Bruce (http://tiny.cc/poses)

Esmeralda Acosta said...

Nice painting studies, yo!

Your work is just superb and growing superber!