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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a few new drawings and paintings..

I got to paint with Tomutsu's class on Monday - super fun - we watched Burt Silverman's "My Friend Wes" demo first ( and if that's not enough to screw you up) we only had about 3.5 hours to paint..  on gesso-board  10 x 12".. never paintined on gesso board - very smooth but with a light tooth..   I think Tomutsu was pleased !

Above a very short allaprima painting from Henry's this summer ;  the original painting ( you can see remants upside down of the figure) just crashed so I flipped it over and restarted..  warm and cool play of light was fun..about 1.5 hours

above Veronique - a great model - 20 minutes at MCCLA on friday night

back pose in repose ?  20 minutes Veronique..

below Army street 10 minus..

below Army street 20 mins..

below army street 1 minute /2 min gestures..


3 hours and a bit of Boni on Canva-paper at Tony Ryder school.. tentative..

about 6 hours - not a great photo but i like this one!  of Alina at TRS.. allaprima also on canvapaper..