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Saturday, August 30, 2008

not every day is a shining star.. but some light..

gets through..

graphite doodle in my sketchbook.. got a bit .. out of hand ( hour wise ;-0)

1 minute speed face ;-)

2 min..

me' paper - be bucklin'!!

school starts this coming week.. we'll see what THAT brings!!! looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing where their work is!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

a few selected new figures..

final sketch today.. just 10-15 mins.. on 3 hours sleep ( up at 2:45a SF time to fly back from Santa Fe! ) My painting class was good learning but I have no new paintings worth showing .. .. meh..a few 3-5mins from today above.. and one major flub !
Chris 5-10 mins at Mission last week.. 20 mins below.. didn't get leg finished!
Below just a few 5's - experimenting again - model : Isabel - she is always smiling and can pose in any position! ( wish i could have done her mo' justice!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick draw McWu! last 8 days at some drop-ins..

Here are a few quick drawings ( from oldest to newest ( from last Friday evening and sat to - today, Saturday 8/9/08)) - either from the Mission Arts Friday workshop or the SoMArts Saturday figure walk-in.. Three different models here - I forget the first woman, then Angola ( i think she is Korean), and Judith. All great to draw for how they differ ( always good practice!).

I am looking to capture the key motion/force and passive lines of the forms .. as there's not so much time ( I've gotten slow this summer ?) to develop lots of turning form.. I am liking the feel of these quick poses - still much to learn .. want to focus a bit more on line quality and experimentation with quick applications of value.. great models!