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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few new drawings from life at Tony Ryder School

Above is at about 1 week's progress on Adam - this is my most recent figure in graphite - I am pleased with this work - have another week to go on him - we'll see where it gets .. (hand just roughed in on Friday)

Above is a one week pose of Joaquin - this drawing was a bit of a break-through in some of the methods at the Tony Ryder School for me .. improved upon in the drawing of Adam above!  Great help in these last two months from Tony and Anna and a great speedy pep talk from Colt helped me over a hurdle.. still all kinds of things unresolved here so .. you know - unfinished!

Above a quick 2.5 hour drawing of Adam on toned paper and white chalk..
Above about 1.5 hours of Abby a fellow student who posed on thursday night (student volunteer posing)..