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Sunday, May 17, 2009

a few things from the end of the sem..

Above: final project for quick studies.. still need to harmonize the blues but I dig painting/drawing fat bway-bways!

Above a 40 minute quick study of the model Kristen.. she told me it looked like.. her brother ( whatev!) I like it! (I made her pose like that so maybe that comment was payback ?)

note to self: don't do quick studies from white! ( see above ) so I didn't get a lot done. the upside ? the colors are analogous and in harmony!

Above: my last in-class painting from clothed figure.. I don't know if I know how to spell her name but it's "Nee" ( phonetically at least).. below is a study i did of her the last day of class..

below: doing a R.Schmid copy will make you figure out a lot about some things!
about 1 hour ( tiny)

Below are some charcoals from the Bay Area Modeling Guild marathon today, sunday.. it was pretty great but again: NEED LIGHTS! all from natural light.. so too much drawing and not enough form..

above - my fave in terms of 'tude..

Isabelle working hard as usual was at the Marathon thing..

As paul thomas anderson says: '..just one more thing'

a quick study of my messy basement and tony soprano on the flatscreen..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

some new drawings and quick studies and paintings..

Above a quick study - about an hour and a few minutes .. this was for creative or extreme cropping and I knew I wanted to do a drinking fountain/mouth/water.. never tried it so..

Above, another qs.. just kept it loose but tried to get the values and general color together.. about 2 hours.

Above some life studies from class.. extreme color (again!) and a MC of a Tomutsu-san painting ( but we had to make our copy from black and white and develop our own extreme color plan.. a fun excercise).. the two gregory's are - left with light on him and right, ambient only.. - i think these were 40's.

Xiau-Fong and Justina from a "the-Edmunds" photo.. about 2 hours.. i like it!

Above, a two week pose of Aimee ( spelling ? ). a Great model - very graceful.. but the pose was tough to hold in all these positions.. I did not get this finished enough but may work more on it from some photo refs at the end of the 2nd session.

below a 1 hour head study from Glenn's class.. so much to learn!

Below a 1 hour figure from glenn's and then a trace of it where I idealized shapes more..

below colleen from jw's workshop on monday..

5 min gestures at jw's below