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Friday, December 19, 2008

Some final pics/art from Heads and hands and Clothed Fig 3

Herewith, my final approx 5 hour head study from Heads and Hands dos. Very simple but I am pleased with the structural-ness of it, the simplicity of it and.. well i just like! Tae gave me thumbs up so all is good.
Below is the 2nd to last painting for Tae's class.. wanted to get more done as it was coming together but.. here it am anyway ! ;-)

Here are some shots of Heads and Hands class and our final work.. top left is Matias (in hat, seated), guy from other class (?), Chris standing and Matt the model; top right are Jessie 1 and Arif on a break; bottom left are Chris, Model, Jennie and Hava ( who finally makes it mostly on time and makes the best Dirt Cake I have ever had ( ok only one I have)).. final photo is Tae Park and our works while she is doing critiques.. I know she will yell at me for putting this picture of her up but TOO BaD! an amazing artist and driving, tough but excellent teacher!!!!!!! Buy her work and take her classes if you can, I say!
student works.. mine..Hava's, Jennie's and Chris'.. this is the life of a student painting at school.. sit your bum down on a 15 year old, dirty wooden plank and suffer ;-)

just a coupla' quick final day drawings from clothed figure 3.. wiped out w/no sleep i still got a few out that were ok.. the one below I like for the feeling of the forlorn couple.. both of these about 40 mins..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

(Almost) Final Self Portrait WIP and Clothed Figure one alumni photos!

OK so above is as of 12 11 08... more cooling of the lights and fine tuning all around.. moved ear.. re-did mouth to capture more of what my "mouf" looks like.. nose completely re-done to soften transitions.. it may need a cooler highlight but I am not psyched to touch it after all that work.. dig it ( me, I mean - i dig it.. at least a little.. and at least for an hour or so.. background to be softened ( see blog of dark where painting was in more detail).. will finalize when feeling less lazy!.. off to workshop to.. what else ? paint the figure ;-)) -kw ps check out the show at 288 Sutter ! Sam has some awesome stuff there ( and my favorite already sold #$%) shout out to team Tomutsu!

Here is one of my final WIP paintings (that would be a self portrait) - just getting near complete-ish.. Very Warm lights on the left and slightly cooler morning light from the window ( and quite bright) on the right.. for me: very complex light - no REAL shadows so.. lots of thinking and.. let me just say i will NEVER be lazy at block in again as the re-working is so painful vs getting it right out the gate! ( and here I thought I knew what I looked like).. painting: i really enjoy it but it is SO intense!)

Lazy block in.. eyes too close, nose in wrong place, ear a mile back on HUGE side of head.. mouth too low..
bringing in the super warms from the inside room lights ( reds/golds/yellows) and the cool-er light from the window ( this is about 10am at my house.. north light window..
rough "ebouche" of color down.. now eyes are too narrow, nose needs much fine tuning and mouth is to.. underbite-y .. i think I had moved the ear by this time.. it was almost an inch on the canvas which is a shed-load of fix!
below - value adjustments yesterday (sat) to get things more to the right /true value range.. when I first put those light cooler values in a think I made a slight .. whelp ? but it was right and good..

and the near final.. very challenging but it has some things I am digging ..

The Chris Canga (non- as in he is very much alive) Memorial Clothed Figure 1 annual dinner ( no. 2). Left to right are Leah, Elisha, Ye Bin, Max, Emmerson and Carmen.. look at Ye Bin's cool polaroid camera ( she always has cool toys!).. Very fun gang! We all laughed.. Emmerson ate like 23 roles and it was all good..
Besides Leah, I am the only other Caucasian in this group.. outnumbered.. outgunned.. story of my life! oh - and that is Carmen's Dude next to her.. he is "in the industry" !
check out Emmerson and the girlz in these next two.. Max seems.. transfixed ?