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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hiya Blog!  It's been a while.  I thought we broke up but I think it was only an inadvertent trial separation.    
I am sad to report my class for Painting the Clothed Figure did not make the student cut-off - but we were right on the line -  hopefully next time it'll go ( or they'll ask me again !)
Here is a quick painting I did today in Mr Tomutsu Takeshima's quick studies MFA class.   This is, I believe Carolyn Meyer's husband.  I did this in about an hour.  On "YES" canvas.  12 x 16" Oil paints.

"The Pondered"  12" x 12" on a quite rough-textured canvas.  From life.  Done the last few days of January 2012.  Model - Noel.  A bit of a struggle for sure.

Catherine - for my Intermediate Figure Drawing students..

Tendai W pinch-hit for Lurie who sort-of fainted on the stand.  Sorry for Lurie and thank you T for doing a great job..

I made Catherine really push the poses.. ( helps new students see the cantilevers of the human shape!)

Lainey - speedy demo..

That's about as much as I can like a drawing!