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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Avengers - the Women..  First in a series.   This is a quite young Linda Thorsen who played Tara King ( following Dame Diana Rigg among other fab stars in the P. McNee/Steed sidekick role). She had a great twinkle-in-eye way about her.   Still does! Acrylic on paper - about 8 x 11.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Crane Wife - cont'd

Joanna - about an hour from life - Charcoal on newsprint.
Benjamin - 20, 40 and 10 minutes - from life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Crane Wife - and other stories..

This is Anna Netrebko - Russian opera singer.  Acylic on panel - quick study.  about 5 x 8" on gessoboard

Kristin about 40 minutes 18 x 24"

Carey about 20 minutes (left) and 5 min gesture right..

This is what got me thinking about "The Crane Wife" - a song I love by the Decemberists.

Bob ? Meet Richard and, well, Bob!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Road work part 7: some items from Liberace workshop in Washington State

I spent the last week at a figure drawing and painting workshop with Rob Liberace at Carry Jurrean's WIFAS in Whidbey Island Washington.  Getting to two workshops with Rob this summer has really helped me re-focus on some key things and seeing his intelligence, vigor and artistry is never anything but a positive wind in the sails!  We worked on his twin Rocker paper ( thank you Flora Ling!) in what feels like a very old process but the results are really cool.  Also, his oil process is super smart and begins by simplifying.  I will continue to work in that vein!  Thanks Rob!

Day two drawing - About 4 hours or so - Serena.  Red Verithin pencil on Shellac'd Twin Rocker hand-laid paper.  It's a pretty cool surface and I hope to try some more on it!

This is Kate - my red pencil drawing from day one. The monitor for our workshop - Laurine, bought this drawing at the end of that day - thank you !   Both drawings are about 19 x 15 inches.

Attempted a painting on the shellac paper.. it needed more shellac!  here is the block in.. (Nikita is the model).

Nikita - last day head/bust study.  The painting felt..  Russian to me - which might be good for a Russian model!  On gessoboard. About 8 x 10.  4.5 hours.  Oil Paint.

Above Nikita - a 3 x 20 minute quick painting sketch..  oil on some crap vinyl-like canvas that I will not use again!