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Sunday, March 22, 2009

more new.. still SO M UCH TO LEARN!

a quick study of times square in nyc in the rain.. it's kind of abstract but i think ( think) i like it ! ( about 2 hours)

below 20 min friday at mccla fo'sho'tened..

20 mins friday night.. she was super short like 4'11" but did very nice poses..

some 1's from friday night that i kept doodling on at the break..

some 5's from friday night..

another 10 or 20 from friday night..

Monday, March 16, 2009

a new smattering of.. EVERYTHING! ( almost)

1hr 40 mins painting time on masonite.. sometimes i want more time on these short figures!!!

below - the happy lady! about 1 hr 40 mins again - 12 x 16 canvas board..the model didn't show for megan's workshop.. so I painted.. megan ;-) about an hour or so..

quick study of bonobo monkeys on birch board treated w/gesso. about 1 hour.. 4 X 11 I think.. and it's SOLD! :-)

beat up old truck quick study on canvas panel ( 8 x 10) .. fun to paint!

quick study from class - little iron and tiny plastic apple .. plus atomizer about 45 minutes on masonite

Kevin's Pepsi Zero somewhat consumed bottle makes an appearance in a quick study! this was about an hour.. really flying!

below - a longer pose ( 1.2 hours) at HY's sat class.. great model!

a blocked in version earlier.. about 20 -30 mins..

20 minute study of same guy below.. with glasses on !

profile.. got carried away on nose shape !

tattoo girl ( forgot her name - but she poses well and doesn't really move!).. this was a study in getting leg forms and edges.. the face/head was only done in the last few mins or I'd get grief from Henry!..

longer study of figure from another class..

below some quick gestures that I dug/dig..

below - Claudio about an hour at HY sat class.. had the flu and went home to hide after this !

below - two quick studies ( about 40 - 1 hr) of the inner sunset ( irving and 9th ?) at lunchtime..

the other guy.. had to do an uplit quick study so Sen John McCain got the honors..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

first Painter X painting from scratch.. a slideshow..

I don't know what I'm doing yet with painter but it is fun when you don't want to clean anything up!!!