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Thursday, June 30, 2011

13 year-old boy from life

He was my first young person posing from life!  Not easy but I enjoyed the process and the outcome!

He took about 4.5 hours and is on gesso'd birch ply wood panel 12" x 12".

And below is Etta, in a limited palette of Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, White and Ultramarine Blue. (from photo reference) about 11 x 13"

A few quick figures..

That would be Signe (in hat), Mery ( two top series of gestures), then Signe and Mery again at the bottom of this group. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road Work.

A few painting studies from my time on the road. These are from the Robert Liberace workshop in Kimberly, Wisconsin via the Richeson art school and manufacturing center. Lots of great info and some nice work from other artists as well!

Above is Nikki, about 5 hours on Utrecht panel (about 10 x 12").  I enjoyed the challenge of this pose and might have benefited from a smoother surface given the short time-frame.   lots of glare on the weave - I will take another photo when it gets here ( shipped) and re-post if that is better.  I learned quite a few things I will work to add to my arsenal with the head and figure.  Thanks much Sir Liberace!

This head study (below) is my painting previous to the above.  He was a fun model to paint though quite hot and red under the yellow-ish lights!  about 3 hours on canvas panel and 8 x 10".

Above a figure study of Chris - great model - about 3 hours or so in three tubes - burnt umber, burnt sienna and white.  Nothing like keeping things unified to have it all make sense!

a 30 minute grisaille ( in burnt umber) of Nikkie..  meant to be a wipe-out and re-use but I liked the feel of it so I kept her "alive!"

And two 40 and 30 minute figure studies..  8 x 10 cotton canvas utrecht panel..