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Friday, November 15, 2013

Need it need it - got it (!) GOT IT!

BACAA Travis Schlaht and Ted (Edward) Minoff 1 Day portrait workshop painting.  Oil on Linen - just about 2 hours - so basically FLYING!

Figure on Toned Paper from life..

Erica - from life - charcoal on newsprint..

Kelsey - from life - Oil on Yes Canvas.  About an Hour.  I liked it all unfinished so I left it this way!

OK now this is officially a hodgepodge!   Here is a wrinkly-shirt-in-strong-chroma demo I did for my clothed figure students!  Go UT Austin!


stephen molyneaux said...

great work kev!

NJN said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Kevin - and I have to say, I LOVE your figure work!

Cheers, Neil.

Nader said...

Very nice work. Chapeau