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Friday, December 19, 2008

Some final pics/art from Heads and hands and Clothed Fig 3

Herewith, my final approx 5 hour head study from Heads and Hands dos. Very simple but I am pleased with the structural-ness of it, the simplicity of it and.. well i just like! Tae gave me thumbs up so all is good.
Below is the 2nd to last painting for Tae's class.. wanted to get more done as it was coming together but.. here it am anyway ! ;-)

Here are some shots of Heads and Hands class and our final work.. top left is Matias (in hat, seated), guy from other class (?), Chris standing and Matt the model; top right are Jessie 1 and Arif on a break; bottom left are Chris, Model, Jennie and Hava ( who finally makes it mostly on time and makes the best Dirt Cake I have ever had ( ok only one I have)).. final photo is Tae Park and our works while she is doing critiques.. I know she will yell at me for putting this picture of her up but TOO BaD! an amazing artist and driving, tough but excellent teacher!!!!!!! Buy her work and take her classes if you can, I say!
student works.. mine..Hava's, Jennie's and Chris'.. this is the life of a student painting at school.. sit your bum down on a 15 year old, dirty wooden plank and suffer ;-)

just a coupla' quick final day drawings from clothed figure 3.. wiped out w/no sleep i still got a few out that were ok.. the one below I like for the feeling of the forlorn couple.. both of these about 40 mins..


Alexander Marston said...

That final painting is awesome. Way to go Cap'n!

Unknown said...

Hey Kevin, great portraits and great figure drawings. it was nice to see you at dr.sketchy

Kai said...

Gregory!!!! Awesome drawing as usual! Yeah, if I had my way I'd be at AAU for a couple more years...wahhhhh!

netty said...

Hi Kevin!!
You have some great paintings and drawings here. You comented on my limitted palette wip at WC, so thought I would drop by and visit your art blog :)
Your obsessed like me, lol and doing fantastic!!!How great to be able to attend classes where you learn oil painting, I live in a small town and do not have that opportunity... but neverless, where there is a will, there is a way...


clare said...

hey dude add me to your shiz. your drawings are superbe!

Emerson Tung said...

Oooo. Cool stuff, Mr. Wu-is-tee. Is that how I pronounce your last name?

Anyway, these drawings I like man! :D love the strokes and rhythm and the quick sketchy feeling of it.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin.... thank you for commenting on my Blog..... very kind, but YOU are indeed an ispiration..... and now I am the one who must work harder!!!!
Thanks again..... keeping watch!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin I love the two portraits!

Absolutely amazing.

I tried to see Collin's' Grand Central Academy while in NYC last week but it was closed for the holidays-so I consoled myself with hanging out at the Met.