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Saturday, August 23, 2008

a few selected new figures..

final sketch today.. just 10-15 mins.. on 3 hours sleep ( up at 2:45a SF time to fly back from Santa Fe! ) My painting class was good learning but I have no new paintings worth showing .. .. meh..a few 3-5mins from today above.. and one major flub !
Chris 5-10 mins at Mission last week.. 20 mins below.. didn't get leg finished!
Below just a few 5's - experimenting again - model : Isabel - she is always smiling and can pose in any position! ( wish i could have done her mo' justice!)


Alyvia Plummer said...

I would love to know how you get even some of the faces in in three to five minutes! Is this something they are going to teach me in the coming semesters? :) Oh, and what medium are you using? Charcoal or pencil?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

extra, i tried to check out your work but it would not let me ? maybe you have none posted - that might help me answer your question more precisely. I am mostly using charcoal pencils in these quick sketches ( once in a while - i used compressed and/or vine charcoal). if you are heading to the academy of art in sf - yes you will learn and acquire tools/skills that enable you to draw the human form - but mostly - you need to put in the time!! I am now in my 2nd year at the academy and go to as many workshops as possible to practice and develop.. even in the summer, drawing every single day is the best ( not that I have kept that plan up this summer but I have still worked hard at it!) - I have a long way to go but from my first drawings at school until now.. there is no comparison!

Alyvia Plummer said...

Hey Kevin,

I have some up now. I took a Figure Studio class at the Academy this summer with Mark Tennant, and all we used were charcoal pencils. Let me know what you think :)

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

hey - you blog says the following: This blog is open to invited readers only
blogspot.com/ - not invited!

so I can't see 'nothin ;-)

Mark - I hear great things about him - that is great you got him as a teacher.. also- on my bike today i thought of the following - don't worry about the face - get all the shapes right first - i love faces/likenesses/heads and can't help myself but my figures can suffer for it! i also use the head as a measure for the rest of the body forms ( torso, legs, arms, hands, feet).. - kevin

Alyvia Plummer said...

Well that was nice of me ;) I think I used to have it on private. Anyways, it has been fixed and should be available to all hehe.

I know what you mean about details...but on the other hand, I think that facial expressions and hands can really make the pose.